Window Repair

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Let us know about your project, ideas, etc.. If you would like to schedule an appointment for an estimate, we will need your phone number, email and the property address. Often times, we will want to personally see the project prior to offering an estimate. We hope to offer you the best guidance possible. Unfortunately, we are no longer providing quotes on window lists sent via this form.

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If you are seeking a glass shop to replace/repair an old window or door that perhaps has broken glass, we suggest you do a quick Bing or Google search for glass repair in or around (your city). To be honest, we aren’t going to be the quickest or cheapest when it comes to glass repairs because we mostly install new complete windows as energy efficient upgrades.

Beside the option to search, here are a few of our friends in the industry that are great with “hack-outs” (industry term meaning to replace broken glass).

If you are a past customer of our’s, please contact us and we can discuss the best possible remedies, especially if it is a warranty issue.

If you feel it’s time to upgrade to modern, energy efficient windows, you found the right place.