When homeowners prepare to sell their houses, they want to make sure they get the most for their money. Most adults will look for small changes that will make a big impact on the sale price. Some of the most effective changes do not cost a lot of time or money to implement. While it is difficult to pinpoint the exact ROI for each change, updating the home will help it sell faster, since the house will be more appealing and move-in ready.


While many people do not want to live in a house that is all one color, they are more likely to buy a house that is all one color. Choosing a light neutral color, like a soft tan, to paint in every room with a flat finish will help hid the imperfections and make the house feel fresh. The wall-to-wall color that stretches into each room will help the home seem larger and removing personalized colors from the space will help the visitor picture themselves owning the house. A house that is freshly painted in a neutral color seems less daunting to paint and many feel it is move-in ready when they look at a house painted in this fashion.

Updating Windows and Doors

Doors need deadbolts for safety and storm doors should be updated if they are old, cracked or rusty. Additionally, homeowners who are willing to put in new windows also find their house is more likely to find one or more buyers. Window replacement in Covina removes all window problems from the home, like leaking seals or rotting frames. New windows and doors are a very noticeable feature that will help make the house more efficient and safer.

Yard Work

Overhanging trees, overgrown bushes, weed-filled sidewalk cracks and unmowed grass will all have a negative effect on the sale of a home. Homeowners willing to keep up with their yard work between showings will find that their homes will get a better dollar for top-notch landscaping. Poor landscaping will actually have the reverse effect, causing the value of the home to drop and making it harder to find an interested buyer.

Paint the Trim

Painting a fresh coat of white onto painted or wooden trim inside the house will brighten up the house and make it look larger and cleaner. While some houses should not have their wooden trim painted (mainly historical homes where the original wood adds character), most houses could be updated with a fresh coat of white paint. Painting the trim is time consuming, but the results are usually very pleasing.