The elements can wreak havoc on windows. From severe storms to exhaustingly hot temperatures, the wooden frames around windows in Covina go through a lot. Ultimately, it is important for homeowners to understand how they can maintain their wooden frames because they are essential for protecting new and replacement windows.

Why Wooden Window Frames Rot

The damaged wood that homeowners see around their windows is due to bacteria. When wood is not treated prior to being installed on homes, it’s susceptible to anything the elements decide to hurl its way. Unfortunately, many different types of bacteria find that the wood is a nice place to call home. The good news is the unsightly wood can easily be fixed in a weekend.

Removing Dry Rot Wood

Wood that is dry rotted must be removed in order to stop the infestation. Homeowners facing this problem do not have to remove all the wood from their window frame in order to remove the dead wood. They can cut the dead wood from the rest of the board. In order to do this, homeowners would need to purchase treated replacement boards so that they can attach new boards where they removed the old boards. Prior to attaching new boards, homeowners must protect their windows by filling in any damaged or exposed areas around the window. They can do this by placing the polyester resin in the gaps.

Painting to Make Look Unified

The last step in protecting windows from rot is painting the windows. Since homeowners combined two separate pieces of wood, they have to ensure that there is not a gap or a seam between the two pieces. They can do this by covering the gap with resin or sealing the seam with resin. Once the resin is hard, they can smooth it down to create one uniformed look. After that is complete, painting the boards will make it seem like they were never affected by dry rot.

The windows of a home are important to maintaining the overall look of a home. If homeowners have dry rot around new or replacement windows, it takes away from the curb appeal. Fortunately, fixing dry rot window frames can be done in a few hours.