Frequently Asked Questions

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Let us know about your project, ideas, etc.. If you would like to schedule an appointment for an estimate, we will need your phone number, email and the property address. Often times, we will want to personally see the project prior to offering an estimate. We hope to offer you the best guidance possible. Unfortunately, we are no longer providing quotes on window lists sent via this form.

We value our customers and our reputation, which is why we avoid sales gimmicks. Shop with us and enjoy the experience. When you arrive, “check in” with your Yelp App. Take the time to visit our showroom, meet our staff and see for yourself why it’s worth buying from a reputable company. You don’t have to settle for a fancy salesman that you have no idea where his office is or where he will be tomorrow when you might need him most.

Why replacement windows and doors?

There are many reasons to replace your doors or windows:

Energy efficiency and savings – Replacing old windows and doors with modern insulated products made from superior materials means you use less energy heating and cooling your home.

Easier cleaning and maintenance – Modern materials and designs make cleaning and maintaining your new replacement products easier and faster. You spend less time working on them and more time enjoying them.

Improved security – Because of the superior technology and materials used to manufacture today’s windows and doors, they are more resistant to fire and breakage and your home is safer when you have them. Replacement windows are a fantastic solution for many homeowners for the simple reason that windows can be installed in a matter of hours and usually an entire house of windows can be installed in one day. Choosing replacement windows can drastically cut labor costs when compared to nail-on windows which require breaking stucco, drywall repairs, and the nearly impossible challenge of matching the new stucco with the old stucco. From design to completion, a replacement window project can often be done within just a couple of weeks.

Do I have to install them myself?

No, we have in-house contractors for retrofitted vinyl and aluminum window and door products. Products need to be purchased through us before we install.

Do you come out to measure the windows and doors?

We come to your home by appointment to look at, advise and take rough measurements to prepare a quote for you. We take a lot of pride in projects that we get involved in so design consultation by our professional staff is a true benefit in doing business with us,…that’s something that you just can’t compare at the “big box” stores. After we perform those steps, we prepare a quote and quickly get it back to you. If you decide to make the purchase, after your payment, we have our installers return for exact measurements to prepare the order for the manufacturer.

If we have our own contractor, will you deliver the windows and doors?

We can make arrangements after your windows and doors arrive to deliver them at a small cost. Please ask us about this at the time of order so we can let you know.

Can I order and install windows or doors myself?

Absolutely. Check out our do-it-yourself links to give you guidance and instructions to properly install your product. Xchange Product Code:

Where can I get replacement parts for any products I purchase through you?

Please contact us. We will help you find the exact part you need, place the order for you and help you with arrangements for delivery.

I have a compliment or complaint about my AWC replacement experience, who do I talk to?

We certainly appreciate your compliments. We want to do a great job for you and your positive feedback lets us know where we’re succeeding. At the same time, complaints are important because they let us know where we need to improve. If you have either a complaint or a compliment, please email us at: Thank you!