Window and door replacements can be a great investment for homeowners, but it can be difficult to know when the time is right for this particular home improvement project. Many separate factors enter into the decision to replace windows and doors or to put the project off for a year or two.

Most of the windows installed in new construction before the 1990s were single paned windows that didn’t offer much protection against outdoor temperature fluctuations. Advances in building construction technology have, however, substantially improved the performance of windows and doors. Homeowners who wonder if replacing doors and windows in Covina will significantly lower their energy costs should make an appointment with their utility provider for an energy audit. This service is free, and it will help homeowners understand where the weak spots are in their houses. Weather patterns also play a part in the decision to replace windows and doors — homes located in areas that experience seasonal extremes experience more heat loss than those in more even climates.

Another good reason to replace doors and windows is if the homeowner is contemplating putting the property on the market. Prospective home buyers love green amenities, particularly if they will save money as a result of their existence. Skyrocketing utility costs have many consumers anxious because they feel that the situation is entirely out of their control. Energy efficient doors and windows allow them to feel that they’ve taken a stand against the rising costs of maintaining a comfortable indoor living environment. New windows and doors will also provide a substantial addition to the curb appeal of any structure.

Personal and household safety concerns is another good reason to replace windows or doors. Thieves and other criminals have a much easier time gaining access to a residence where doors and windows are flimsy and substandard. Single paned windows are easily broken, and doors and windows where the wood has begun to deteriorate can often be manipulated in ways that will allow an intruder to gain access. Those who live in busy, noisy neighborhoods and value peace and quiet will find that the exterior sounds can be drastically decreased by replacing existing doors and windows with modern ones designed to buffer noise.

Homeowners who decide to replace windows and doors and are concerned about potential energy loss should look for Energy Star certified products.